The Benefits of Installing CCTV for Apartment Buildings

Apartment CCTV

If you own or manage an apartment building, you will already know that there is so much more
to it than simply renting out apartments and dealing with tenants. You’re tasked with providing
your residents with a safe environment to live in which means that the security of all of your
buildings has to be at a good standard.

One aspect of your building's security is that of a good quality CCTV camera that will give your
residents peace of mind that the property is being watched and will act as a deterrent to any
would-be criminals. Installing a good system will also allow you to attract more residents and
even increase your monthly rental fees simply because you’re showing that you value their

if you are interested in adding 24/7 vision to your property, you can read our blog about the different types of security cameras available on our previous CCTV.

A Tenants Peace of Mind

Whenever a tenant is looking for a new property to rent, you can guarantee that their personal
safety and the security of their belongings are going to be right at the forefront of their
considerations. Just knowing that security measures such as CCTV are in place will give a tenant
far greater peace of mind and could be one of the deciding factors of choosing your property
over any other.

Cameras situated in the hallways, entrances and other public areas will help to keep residents
safe and will also act as a big deterrent for any criminals that might have been planning to steal
or vandalise property. Most criminals will certainly think twice if they see that a place has CCTV
cameras all over the place. This is why it is always a good idea to place your CCTV cameras in
places where they are visible.

Even if a criminal does not see a camera or simply ignores them, you will still be able to catch
them on camera doing their dirty work. That footage will see them eventually caught and dealt
with by the countries justice system.

Increase Rentals and Rent

Another bonus to having cameras and other security measures implemented on your rental
properties is that you will see an increase in interest from would-be tenants and will also even
be able to charge more to help cover the costs of this security. People believe in safety and
security more than ever before, so being on top of the game in this regard is going to help your
bottom line.

Many people will be more than willing to pay a little extra on their rent if added security
features have been implemented. This is why it is always important to highlight them and point
them out whenever you are showing prospective tenants around one of your properties they
are thinking of renting.

Read about how CCTV cameras can even increase the value of your property.

Our Placement Tips

If you’re thinking of giving your tenants another level in security by installing a CCTV system in
your property why not speak to us first about our CCTV installation services? Our team of
specialists will be able to answer any questions and will be able to give you plenty of tips on
where you should be placing your cameras.

In the meantime, take a look at a few of our most important pointers:

  • Always install cameras on entrances and exits to your residential complex.
  • Communal areas such as hallways, gardens and parking areas should also have cameras
  • Keep them in full view but out of reach of potential customers to increase their
    deterrent value.

With the CCTV systems that we can install for you, you can expect excellent vision both day and
night, offsite recording and will even be able to access your system from your mobile phone no
matter where you are located. We also provide a wide range of different types of cameras, so
please speak to our team so that we can talk you through the pros and cons of each type.

Give your tenants that peace of mind that they are benefitting from a higher level of security
when renting out one of your properties. As you will have learned from our blog, this will
benefit you both in the long term. Give us a call if you’relooking for further advice or are
interesting in having a CCTV installed on your property.

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