Tips For Protecting Your Home While You Are Away

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There is nothing worse than going on holiday, only to return home and discover that your residence has been broken into whilst you were away. Although it is possible to claim back the price of the stolen items through insurance, you must have possessions which have an emotional value that money cannot replace.

In this article, you will learn some fundamental vacation security guidelines to keep your residence safe while you are on vacation. We will also give you some advice on why our services will help you to deter thieves. Naturally, we want you to use our security installation services because we want to succeed as a business, but we also want your property to be safe while you go on holiday and relax.

  1. Avoid social media posts with vacation details

Housebreakers might make use of social media posts for determining exactly when you are away. A vacant house is a very profitable target for the burglars. Never announce your holiday plan info on any social media.

  1. Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting ill diminish the hiding spots for the burglars by making him much easier to identify. Lights must be installed on the motion sensors over the points of entrance, like windows and doorways at the ground level.

  1. Reinforce windows and doors

Ensure that the outside doors, as well as their frames, are manufactured from a durable material; make use of deadbolts; and swap strike plates. Sliding glass doors plus positioning bars in the ground floor windows is yet another easy, but an effective tip.

  1. Keep hedges and bushes cropped

Low hanging branches of the trees, as well as overgrown hedges, offer fantastic hiding places for the thieves to operate in peace. Minimize the hiding locations by pruning back the shrubbery such that they are less than 3 feet tall and also away from the windows and doors.

  1. Store valuable items in your attic or in a safe

If you have a safe, then great. Make sure the safe is secured to a wall if it is only a small one. If it is large and heavy, then obviously thieves are not going to be able to break into it. For those of you that do not have a safe, you should use your attic to store valuable items. The TV, jewelry, or anything else of value or items that could be irreplaceable should go in the attic. You will understand just how effective attics are when you read number 1 in the next section of this blog.

What Other Precautions Should I Take?

Of course, we are in the business of home and business security so we are not going to hide the fact that we are going to try to get you to buy into some of home security ideas. It not only helps us function as a business, but these tips help you protect your home.

  1. Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms will deter any thieves from breaking into your property. They know as soon as they break in the alarm is going to sound. That does not give thieves much time to get away with valuable items in your home. If you have followed step 5 above and stored valuable items in the attic, then there is very little chance opportunist thieves will have time to get into your attic and take anything out of it before the police or security services arrive.

The reason we mention this is because so many houses have intruder alarms these days that thieves are now becoming increasingly brazen and will try snatch and grab tactics. They know they have roughly 10 minutes to get what they want before police arrive. Most will set themselves a 5-minute timeline, so if you leave out what you don’t mind them taking and stash away your most prized assets, then at least if you are burgled, the damages are minimal.

However, if you do not have an intruder alarm, then you are rolling the dice. As we mentioned, nearly all homes have intruder alarms these days, and by not having one, you are opening up your home as a target – especially if you go on holiday. No alarm means giving thieves all the time in the world and that means time to also rummage through your attic.

One of the great things about using the intruder alarm systems we provide is that they come with a smartphone app that will alert you if your alarm is set off. You then have access to police services as well as a 24 hours monitoring team that will get people to your home immediately if the alarm is triggered.

  1. CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are the ultimate deterrent for thieves. Although they can wear masks to cover their tracks, one of the main objectives of CCTV is to stop opportunist thieves breaking into your home. Furthermore, you can track back if there are any mysterious events that occur outside your home. You can see how thieves break in and you can point CCTV to your driveway to prevent thieves from stealing your car or work van.

With our CCTV apps, you can always view your CCTV cameras in real time as well as rewind to play back past events.

A reduction in your house insurance premiums will pay for your alarm and CCTV!

You can call us for a free no obligation quote for an intruder alarm or CCTV. We will not only give you an affordable quote, but we will also let you see how much money you will save on your house insurance premiums. This means you will eventually pay off the alarm from the money you saved from the home insurance company and then start to make a profit.

Use our contact us page to find out more information.

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