Outdated Business Security Systems at Risk from Professional Thieves

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There has been a growing number of reports relating to professional gangs targeting businesses that handle high-end goods. These gangs are professionals and target businesses with poor security systems. Most of the time we don’t hear much of these robberies as they rarely make front page headlines even in the local newspapers.

The odd news report comes out on an inner page of a newspaper of these incidents, but often we ignore this type of news because either it doesn’t affect us, or we are becoming immune to them because we see much larger incidents in the national newspapers or on the TV.

Being involved for many years within the security alarm and access control business, we have seen an increasing number of these incidents in the last decade.

Even companies with CCTV systems installed are not immune to these professional gangs. We have been called on to several business properties to reassess their security surveillance as well as access control systems. Most of the time the reason the thieves targeted these businesses is that the security system was outdated and the people carrying out the robbery know that the CCTV is not clear enough to identify them.

In some cases, the thieves have been able to disable the camera or alarm system. With the older non-wireless systems professional thieves have learnt about the technology in place and how it can be disarmed. They then plan their operation around how they can disable the security system and take their time with their robbery.

Warning for Those with Older Alarm Systems

This has become an increasingly common scenario for us as a security company. Most people will not see or hear of these kinds of incidences simply because they do not work within the security business or police force. However, our team is always on the ground and learning of how thieves are able to use clever and sometimes ingenious ways to disarm older systems.

Who Should Consider Upgrading Their Security System?

Not all older systems are vulnerable and not all businesses will be targeted by these high-tech thieves. However, please take a look at the checklist below, and if any of these apply to you, then you should consider hiring a security systems company to come and asses your system.

  • Your company deals with high-value products i.e. computer chips, machine tools, machine parts, minerals, jewellery, high-end toy products
  • Your security system is more than 5 years old: Many older systems do not have the technology the new systems have such as wireless capabilities
  • You still use tape to record your CCTV footage
  • Your system does not alert you via mobile technology

See our services page to see how we can help your business bring its security system up to date.

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