Important Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

With massive improvements in wireless technology achieved in recent years, wireless fire alarm systems have improved considerably and are increasingly popular. Whilst early wireless systems experienced issues with battery life, radio transmission and general unreliability, these problems are in the past.

Here are some key benefits of wireless fire alarms to take note of.

Wire free

As the name would suggest, wireless fire alarms are wire free, so there is no need to cause damage to internal structures, as would be the case with traditional wired fire alarms.

Fast installation

For any business, disruption or downtime as a result of installations can be extremely costly, therefore, the quicker a fire alarm system can be installed, the better. As wireless alarm systems don’t require cables to run through building interiors, much less time and effort is required for installation. Wireless devices can simply be fixed in the necessary positions.

In order to create a minimal level of disruption, fire alarm installation can even be carried out in stages and connected wirelessly when all fire alarm devices are where they need to be.

Wireless alarm systems allow for flexibility

Wireless fire alarm devices can be configured to suit any site and can be positioned anywhere, providing they are within range of the wireless modules that receive their signals. Should devices need to be repositioned at some point in the future, this can be done with relative ease. Even reconfiguring an entire alarm system to suit a new layout is simple.

Increased fire safety

As wireless fire alarm systems can be extended with ease, more comprehensive fire protection cover can be put in place, so alarms can be raised faster in the case of a fire.

Wireless systems can move with your business

Should your business’s circumstances change, requiring a move to new premises, the expense of investing in new fire alarm systems can be avoided. Wireless fire alarm systems can simply be taken from your old building and installed at your new premises. Whilst this would mean installation costs, this is much less expensive than being required to purchase a completely new alarm system!

Cost effective

The cost of owning a wireless fire alarm system is relatively low. For wired alarm systems, fire rated cables are a pricey necessity, so installation for wireless systems is much less expensive. Aside from lower initial costs, wireless alarms run on low-cost, long life batteries than can be replaced quickly and easily without disrupting the rest of the alarm system.

Should you need to extend an alarm system to meet changes to your premises, new wireless devices can simply be added onto the existing system. Damaged wireless fire alarm components can also be replaced individually, without disrupting the main system.

Simply put, modern wireless fire alarm systems offer many essential advantages to businesses in need of fire protection and safety measures. If you are interested in investing in the ultimate fire safety measures for your business, or would like to find out more, please call us today on 02380 410 610 or contact us via our contact form.

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