Does Your Business Need CCTV?


In the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in cyber crime and as a result, businesses have had to invest in increasing their organisation’s security functions and ensuring they are kept up to date. However, whilst cyber crime is a serious threat to any business, not all modern threats to your business come in this form – you still need to physically protect your assets and property. CCTV is an incredibly useful security tool for any business.

Whilst it’s almost impossible to defend your business from all eventualities, installing a CCTV system provides a valuable extra layer of security that can protect your company in many ways.

Increased chance of catching criminals in the act

Whilst you can’t always stop a crime from happening, CCTV systems certainly make it easier to capture evidence of the crime, making it more likely that the person responsible will be brought to justice. Footage captured on CCTV can be shared with the police and relevant authorities.

Liability protection

As well as protecting your business from intruders, CCTV can also protect your business against potential liability. Should claims be made against your business by staff or customers, video provides excellent evidence to support you. Whilst the police may not be involved in a case, insurance claims require investigation and video evidence helps to ensure that you will be protected in the case of a claim wrongly made against you, or to protect you from unsympathetic security companies, should you make a claim yourself.

Realtime surveillance

Modern CCTV systems allow remote access to camera feeds from a smartphone or mobile device, allowing you to monitor your premises when you are away. CCTV systems are available with night vision, allowing you to monitor your business during the night just as effectively as through the day.

Increased safety for your staff

As well as helping to keep your property safe, CCTV also helps to make your employees feel safe and secure at work. Installing CCTV shows staff that looking after your business and employees is important to you. CCTV can also help you to ensure that staff adhere to health and safety measures so ensure a safe working environment.

Deter thieves

Visible CCTV systems certainly reduce the chances of your business being targeted by thieves due to the obvious risk of being captured on video. Opportunistic criminals will only attempt low risk crimes that they believe they will get away with.


CCTV security systems for your business

Regardless of your type of business, CCTV systems are available to cater to your specific needs. From a simple camera setup that allows you to keep an eye on certain areas of your premises, to a complex setup for large businesses, First Contact Fire & Security can design a CCTV security system that will work for you.

To discuss how CCTV can protect your business, simply call us on 02380 410 610.

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