Choosing the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Premises

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Fire alarm system installations are crucial for the protection of people, property and assets. Investing in a fire alarm system can literally save lives, so finding the right system for your property is essential. Our team are here to help with the set up and to guide you through your new system.

Take the first step in making fire safety a priority by browsing our available fire alarm systems:

Conventional Fire Alarms

We would only recommend conventional fire alarms for smaller properties. This is because it is easier to identify which room a fire has broken out in in a smaller property. It is also a more cost-effective option as its two-wire system makes it much easier to install.

Analogue Addressable Systems

For larger properties, we can recommend more sophisticated systems. An addressable system is designed to inform you of the exact detector being alarmed. In addition, it can also warn you of early stages of a fire with a pre-alarm.

You will have two protocols to choose from, including Apollo and Hochiki. They can operate as an optical smoke detector, heat detector or a call point to keep everyone safe.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Our wireless fire alarms are similar to addressable systems, but without the wires. Choosing a wireless system can prevent damage to the internal structures and take less time to manage. Additional devices can be added to your system quickly and with ease. It will also have a lower installation cost as there are no fire fated cables to run.

To save money on upgrading to a wireless system, we can add a wireless panel to an existing wired system. This is the ideal solution for property owners looking to expand their fire alarm for reassurance.

Get a Fire Alarm System Quote

At First Contact Fire and Security, we offer expert advice and high-quality installations. Our customers can benefit from a no obligation quote and design, competitive prices, and our 24/7 emergency call service.

Once your new fire alarm system has been installed, our team will hand over the relevant paperwork to match. We are also here to demonstrate how the system works and answer any questions you may have. A service contract with the minimum requirement will be offered to you too.

If you are looking to upgrade your home protection with a new fire alarm system, get in touch with our team today on 02380 410 610.

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