Burglar Alarm System Innovations for Your Home Security

burglar alarm

Modern advancements in technology are allowing us to gain more control over our home security in a way that is smart, efficient and instant. Burglar alarm systems are now rich with inventive features, which can sound your alarms, alert you via mobile app and inform the police of intruders.

Without a secure burglar alarm system, your property can be deemed vulnerable and therefore become an easy target. With no way to detect people entering your property, you may also be putting occupants at risk too.

At First Contact Fire and Security, our burglar alarm systems offer a full package of benefits, including:

Safe Access

Setting your alarm code will be completely under your control. In addition to the keypad touch system, we also offer key fobs to arm and disarm your burglar alarm system. These will provide safe access to your property, to only those with authorisation.

In addition, we provide tamperproof systems to deter eager burglars. With first-class workmanship, there is no room for tampering and full reassurance for homeowners.

Smartphone App Alerts

Connecting your burglar alarm system to an app will help you to monitor your property, even when away from home. Detecting intruders trespassing on your property can send an alert to your smartphone app so you can act quickly.

Reduced Costs

Our expert team can work alongside your budget, to in time reduce your house insurance premiums. In the long term, the amount you pay for a burglar alarm system installation will most definitely pay off. Our team will even assist with speaking to your insurance company until everyone is happy.

Emergency Call Outs

With an investment as huge as your home, you will want to keep it protected. Even with the most secure of alarms, you may still worry about the safety of your land. If you suspect criminal behaviour or receive a smartphone alert from your alarm, help is available. As well as the police, you can also contact a friend, neighbour or our team to check your property.

Even if your burglar alarm system was not installed by us, we are still here to help.

Enquiring about a Burglar Alarm System

At First Contact Fire and Security, we aim to provide the highest quality alarm systems at the best price. We work with homeowners to strengthen their property’s security within their budget. Browse our website for further information on the services we have to offer, or alternatively call 02380 410 610.

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