Could Your Business Recover from a Fire?


When an unattended fire strikes a commercial or industrial premises there can be devastating effects on a business, causing considerable problems to the every-day running of a company.

Here we look at some of the key effects that fire can have on your business – causing operational, commercial and financial damage.

Loss of earnings

The effects of a fire can leave a business premises out of action for weeks and even months, in which time a company can struggle to fulfil commitments to customers and suppliers. Ultimately this can lead to loss of revenue and custom at a time when your business needs it most.

Loss of goods

In a store or warehouse environment a considerable amount of goods and key stock can be lost or damaged as a result of a fire. This can lead to significant issues with supply to customers as well as the significant cost of manufacturing or replacing lost items.

Damaged equipment

For any type of company premises there is likely to be business-critical equipment and machinery used on a daily basis. If this equipment is damaged or destroyed during a fire, operational downtime within a business can be unavoidable and without suitable insurance, expensive to fix.


Even if a fire is discovered and dealt with quickly, there is still likely to be considerable damage to a business premises due to burned materials and smoke damage. Regrettably this will require costly redecoration or even refurbishment in order for the building to return to normal use.


In a worst-case scenario a business premises may be so badly gutted by a fire that it is no longer fit for purpose. In this circumstance most businesses will look to relocate to a new premises, which can prove to be both time consuming and extremely testing on company funds.

Preventing unattended fires at your business premises

Installing a fire alarm system at a retail, commercial or industrial premises is a small out-lay that can prevent catastrophic loss and damage to your business.

Based in Southampton, First Contact Fire & Security offers specialist fire, intruder and surveillance systems across Hampshire. If you would like to find out more about the range of services we offer, including specialist fire alarm systems, please contact out friendly team today on 02380 410610.

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