Why you need our burglar alarm installation services

Recent figures show that 7.8% of all crimes committed in Southampton between March 2018 and February 2019 were burglary related, with approximately 4,800 incidents reported.

This places the city at 43rd in a list of more than 104 surveyed postal areas across England and Wales, suggesting homeowners in the region can certainly benefit from improving security measures.

Here we explain how our specialist burglar alarms and installation services offer protection, control, and peace of mind for Southampton residents and their properties.

Expert Installation

Our team are dedicated to installing tailored burglar alarm systems that meet the security requirement of your property. No installation is complete without a thorough testing and performance checks taking place, ensuring our customers have confidence and peace of mind.

Tamperproof Systems

As security specialists, our experienced team are aware of the techniques used by burglars to damage or break alarms. To safeguard against this, each of our systems are manufactured and installed to offer tamperproof performance, acting as a highly effective deterrent for would be intruders.

Client Control

Once installation is finished, our burglar alarm systems are designed to offer complete control to the user. This includes independent administration of security codes and the ability to manage and monitor your alarm system remotely through an easy-to-use Smartphone Application.

After Care & Emergency Call Out

As a local business we are dedicated to offering lasting support to our clients and building a trusting relationship. We do this by offering complete aftercare for each of our customers, including a 24/7 emergency call-out service should anything ever go wrong.

Insurance Premiums

A high-quality security alarm system can help to lower insurance premiums for your home, with savings that can even cover the cost of installation in the long run. Even better, our expert team can contact your insurer directly to advise of the upgrades made to your home security provision.

Full Warranty 

Though it is very rare for one of our systems to have an issue, we are committed to offering cover to our customers should an issue occur. This comes in the form of a full and free extended warranty that cover your alarm system and associated workmanship.

Get in touch

Based in Southampton, First Contact Fire & Security offers specialist fire, intruder and surveillance systems across Hampshire. If you would like to find out more about the range of services we offer, including burglar alarm installation, please contact out friendly team today on 02380 410610.

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