Burglar Alarms (Area)

Burglar Alarms Southampton Hampshire UK

At First Contact we have a unique propersition that no other company in the Southampton or Hampshire area is currently providing! We will not only provide you with a high quality system and great customer service, we will also give you the choice in what your alarm actually looks like – so you choose the style and we happily deliver.

Why is it Best?

  • Expert advice from our security and fire experts
  • Free no obligation quote and design
  • An installation of the highest quality
  • 24 hours a day 365 days a year emergency call out service
  • Very low service and contract prices that you wont find anywhere else

Whether it’s a small or large property, an industrial unit or a factory we can install your alarm to a very high standard and it will comply with up to date regulations. We can add Passive Infra-red detectors, Panic buttons, window shock sensors and even smoke and heat detectors can all be integrated in your alarm system.

Sadly over three quarters of burglar alarms and other security factors are installed when it is too late and the premises has been burgled.

Roughly 84% of burglars will avoid a house that has a visible alarm installed.

We will do all we can to keep your property safe and can offer a whole range of security such as burglar alarms, CCTV or security lighting.

If you decide to call us for a free no obligation quote then our surveyor will come round to assess your properties and discuss what is right for you.

Whether it’s the look of the keypad, the outside bell box or even whether you want a wired or wireless system then we are here to guide you in making the right choice instead of in so many words being told what your having. It always has to look good!

If your ready to give your property the ultimate security then please call us today on 02380 410 610
or 07751 205 754. You can alternatively fill out our contact form on the contact page.

2000+ people have put their trust in our company’s expertise within the fire and security industry in Southampton and its surrounding areas. How about you?