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All of us will have to call on an electrical company at one time or another while some of you may be in need of one on a more regular basis. Well, if you are based in Hamilton New Zealand or the surrounding area, there really is only one company you can trust and that is the locally owned 2E Electrical. The company is our second partnership formed in the country so we can exchange ideas in order to deliver high quality electrical services.

With close to decades worth of experience as a company and more than 60 years combined electrical services experience found in the team, 2E Electrical knows exactly what is needed on any job and has the skills and knowledge to deliver those needs.

So just who are 2E Electrical and why are they Hamilton’s number one electrical company?

A Bit About 2E Electrical

Founded and launched in 2009, 2E Electrical has always been a small but capable team that not only has a focus on delivery of top-quality electrical services but also on the customer service side of things. From the moment you contact them, to the moment you meet them and to the moment they say goodbye after yet another top-quality service, 2E Electrical will be professional, friendly, honest and eager to earn your satisfaction.

You can also expect a 2-year guarantee on all of the workmanship that 2E Electrical has provided you and while you will probably not need to use it, it at least shows that they are both confident of the quality of their work but also that they value their customers and would like to keep them protected.

The Services 2E Electrical Provides

Capable of working on residential, commercial or industrial properties on any size of job, there is a wide range of services that 2E Electrical provides for its clients and customers.

They can work alongside builders and other contractors on any new residential or commercial builds that require electricians and also on any renovations. They are also on hand for any fit-outs that are needed on commercial properties and are also happy to be called out for any kind of maintenance work that is required.

Additionally, they specialize in the installation, maintenance and servicing of any electrical systems that you might need. Whether home ventilation systems, heat pump systems or security camera systems, 2E Electrical will be able to provide the knowledgeable team to come and get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Residential/Commercial Buildings, Renovations & Maintenance
  • Commercial Fitouts
  • Installation & Servicing of Home Ventilation, Heat Pumps & Security Cameras

2E Electrical has served hundreds if not thousands of customers in Hamilton over the years and have earned an impressive reputation for the services that they have provided. They pride themselves on this reputation and will always ensure that it is never tarnished.

If you do find yourself in need of an electrical company in Hamilton, you will not go wrong by taking a look at 2E Electrical and the competitive prices that they offer for their second-to-none electrical services.

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